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This short story is the first of the two short stories by Maureen Seneviratne. Both her stories deal with the racial conflict, or the ethnic war in our country. But what will strike you as different is the way she tells her stories or her narrative technique.

Second Year 2nd Semi

·         Recommended text

English and American Poetry

-   John Donne: 1572-1630, Song; Sweetest Love I do not go
-   William Wordsworth: 1770-1850, Upon Westminster Bridge
-   Robert Burns, A Red, Red Rose
-   John Keats: 1795-1821, La Belle Dame Sans Mercy, A thing of Beauty
-   W. B. Yeats: 1865-1919, Wild Swans at The Coole
-   Walter De La Mare: 1873-1956, Estranged
-   Rupert Brooke: 1887-1915, The Soldier

Sri Lankan and Post-colonial Poetry

-   Jean Arasanayegam In the Month of July, Ruined Gopuram
-   Anne Raqnasinghe, Secretariat: Cecil Rajendra, Song of Hope
-   Wole Soyinka, Telephone Conversation

Short stories
·         Recommended text
-   Maurreen Seneviratne, Mirage,
-   Jhumpa Lahiri: Mrs. Sen’s
-   O’Henry, The Purple Dress  
·         Recommended text
-   George Orwell: Animal Farm
-   Charles Dickens: The Tale of Two Cities
·         Recommended text
-  William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice
-  Romeo and Juliet

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EN: 1205

EN: 1205 American & British Literature - 1208


Sylvia Plath Mirror, Morning Song
T.S Eliot Morning at the Window
Robert Frost Mending Wall / Stopping by Woods in a snowy Evening
H.W. Longfellow Slave’s Dream
Shakespeare My Mistress’ Eyes
William Blake Chimney Sweepers 1 / 2
John Keats Ode to Grecian Urn
Wilfred Owen DulceEt Decorum Est
Rupert Brooke Soldier

Short story

Ernest Hemmingway The old man at the Bridge
James Joyce The Dead


Shakespeare King Lear or Tempest

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The Romantic Era

The Romantic Era
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By the late 18th century in France and Germany, literary taste began to turn from classical and neoclassical

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Rainbow / My heart leaps up when I behold

Rainbow or My heart leaps up when I behold

In this very short poem consisting of only 9 lines, the speaker begins by declaring that he is moved by nature, and especially by nature's beauty: "My heart leaps up when I behold / A Rainbow in the sky." He goes on to

Rainbow by William Wordsworth

Rose-cheeked Laura Short notes from the web resource.

Rose-cheeked Laura

Rose-cheeked Laura is written by Campion to illustrate his theories of versification in Observations in the Art